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Ogden Nash


Ogden Nashwas born in Rye, New York, on 1902. However, his parents, Edmund Strudwick Nash and Mattie Chenault, relocated often due to his father’s work in export-import business, and he grew up in several East Coast communities and Savanna, Georgia. Having graduated from St. George’s School in Rhode Island, Nash entered Harvard University in 1920, but he dropped out after his first year. From that moment on, he changed his job frecuently until he finally set his position at Doubleday publishing house and managed to work as an editor there, which meant the begining of his poetic writing. In 1934, Nash moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he lived with his wife, Frances Leonard, and spent most of his life there until he died of Crohn’s disease in 1971.

Begining and achievements:
Nash, as he claimed himself, liked to think “in terms of rhyme”, and it seems he had always been the same since he was a child. He also said that it was the poor quality of the manuscripsts he read which led him to write in the first place, trying serious romantic rhymes, but he soon changed his style to a more conventional and comic kind. He published his first book of poems in 1931, "Hard Lines", which reflected his own feelings of anti-settlement and meant national recognition for him. With this book as an example of his own attitude, he never lost the chance to work on comedy and radio shows or giving lectures at colleges and universities when was not writing poems. He was recognized as one of the most apreciated writers of clever humor in America and was elected for the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and National
Institute of Arts and Letters.

Nash’s style focused on light verses rather than on those heavy romantic rhymes. He was well-known for his joke-like poems, which meant to give a comic view on the topics he chose. It was also common in his style to change the spelling of some words just to create wordgames, double meanings or just to let the line rhyme as he wanted it to.

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